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What is the Cost of Wedged Open Fire Doors?

Wedging or propping open a fire door can prove devastating as it allows fire to spread unchecked, putting lives and buildings at risk. Despite this, 64% of premises visited by the Fire Service have fire doors wedged open. It’s easy to see why. Fire doors are heavy;...

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Fire Door Pains

It’s indisputable, fire doors save lives in the event of a fire. They stop smoke and flames from spreading  so people can escape, protecting buildings and lives. Fortunately, fires don't happen every day so fire doors are used as normal doors most of the time. As they...

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Are There Holes in Your Fire Safety?

You have everything in place for your fire safety plans. Your fire doors are in good working order, flammable materials are out of reach, escape routes are clear, and you have a plan of action if a fire breaks out.   But what happens if there are holes in the walls...

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Fire Causes New Term Chaos

This week sees the beginning of a new school year. But for one school, the start of their year is going to be very different. On the morning of Sunday 21st August, there were over 60 calls to 999 as fire broke out on the roof of the Selsey Academy near Chichester.  ...

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What Added Fuel to the Great Fire of London?

This week 350 years ago, the Great Fire of London scorched 400 of the city’s streets. There were 13,200 houses and 87 churches all blazing in flames, leaving London in ashes. In the 17th Century, people were not as aware of the dangers of fire as we are today. Here...

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What Does Compliance Look Like?

Fire safety is often overlooked as, luckily, fires don’t happen all the time. Companies who don’t have the right precautions in place are more likely to lose stock, property, their business and, in the worst circumstances, their lives. There is always the possibility...

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How to Stay Fresh This Summer

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s finally starting to get hotter in the UK. Long, warm days are great if you're out in the sunshine and fresh air. But they can make buildings hot and stuffy. When you’re at work, does the hot weather leave you feeling like this?  ...

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When Fire Safety Advice and Law Cross Wires

Fire safety can be an extremely confusing subject. There's a lot to think about, with laws and regulations - and sometimes, the lines between practical fire safety advice and the law can become crossed. When that happens, things can go a bit too far. We took a look at...

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Are Fire Doors and Access a Contradiction?

Make no mistake, fire doors save lives and property. Not just a regular door, fire doors are a building’s armour in a fire. They block fire and smoke from rapidly spreading so people can escape. But what about when there is no fire? When you’re working in a busy...

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The Problem with Fire Doors

Fire doors can isolate, crush and kill. That’s not how you would normally describe them, is it? Fire doors are designed to stop fire and smoke from spreading through buildings, and they need to be closed in order to do this. In practice, however, life is easier if a...

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How Do Fire Doors Trap and Isolate?

Can you imagine feeling like a prisoner in your own home? This was the case for an elderly lady last year in Ireland living in sheltered accommodation. She told her befriender that if it wasn’t for her fire doors, she would be able to leave her home by herself. She...

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Why Choose Freedor?

Did you know there are three million new fire doors bought and installed every year in the UK? But wedging them open defeats the object of installing them in the first place. Wedging open fire doors: allows a fire to spread through the building at a rapid rate puts...

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