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Thoughts on fire

What added fuel to the Great Fire of London?

In 1666, the Great Fire of London scorched 400 of the city’s streets. There were 13,200 houses and 87 churches all blazing in flames, leaving London in ashes. Here are some of the reasons why the Great Fire of London was one of the biggest fires the world has ever seen.

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What does compliance look like?

Fire safety is often overlooked as, luckily, fires don’t happen all the time. Companies who don’t have the right precautions in place are more likely to lose stock, property, their business and, in the worst circumstances, their lives.

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What is the real cost of fire?

In 2015 a London hotel owner received a massive fine of £230,000, plus a four month prison sentence for huge fire safety breaches, including missing fire doors, no fire risk assessment and fire doors tied open using string and an extinguisher used as a wedge.

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Five fire safety fails

Wedging open fire doors poses a huge risk in the event of a fire as it allows fire and smoke to spread rapidly throughout the building. To avoid a heavy fine or a fire at your residence, here are a few safety fails to which other premises have fallen victim!

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