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We’ve Always Done It That Way

Grace Hopper once said “The most dangerous phrase a manager can use is ‘we’ve always done it that way”. Hopper was a pioneering computer scientist whose work was central to the development of one of the foundational high-level computer programming languages. Working...

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How to Wake Deaf Friends and Not Alienate People

Fiona Stewart had a scary experience at a hotel recently. Fiona, who is deaf, woke up surrounded by her mother, a firefighter and the hotel manager. No, this wasn't some kind of weird dream. The hotel’s fire alarm had been set off and the building was evacuated. When...

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Are Universities Deaf to Students’ Needs?

This year, UCAS have registered 507,108 university applicants. Statistically speaking, 1 in 6 of these applicants will have a hearing impairment. That's a staggering 84,518 students. Last year, a record 1.9 million offers were given to students and a total of 532,300...

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Kitchen Fires – A Student Rite of Passage?

Now then. I don’t want to get a reputation for falling back on tweets to form blog posts, however, the number of tweets I've found on this subject is so staggering, that I just couldn't help myself. As some of you will know, in October last year a blaze at a block of...

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It’s What We Do – Why I Work For Fireco

  Let’s be totally honest for a moment; Very few of us grow up thinking “I would really, really love to sell fire safety equipment when I’m a grown up”. For me, I wanted to follow in my Dad’s footsteps and be a full time musician and you know what, I came pretty...

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Listen up, chaps. I’ll tell you a secret; YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO HAVE A BEARD. THAT’S WHY HAIR GROWS ON YOUR FACE. This isn’t just a trendy thing for me. I had beard long before it was ‘hip’ (he said, like a true hipster). If you don’t believe me, listen to this guy;...

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When is a Fire Alarm not a Fire Alarm?

There are ten million deaf and hearing impaired people in the UK. Take a moment to digest that sentence. Ten. Million. That’s a huge amount of people that struggle to recognise a fire alarm. One in six people whose needs, frankly, are left wanting. But why? Here are...

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