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We’ve always done it that way!

Grace Hopper once said “The most dangerous phrase a manager can use is ‘we’ve always done it that way”. Hopper was a pioneering computer scientist whose work was central to the development of one of the foundational high-level computer programming languages.

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Are universities deaf to students’ needs?

In 2016, UCAS registered 507,108 university applicants. Statistically speaking, 1 in 6 of these applicants will have a hearing impairment. That’s a staggering 84,518 students. In 2015, 532,300 entered higher education.  Following those same statistics, 88,716 new students will have a hearing impairment.

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You’re supposed to have a beard, that’s why hair grows on your face. This isn’t just a trendy thing for me. I had beard long before it was ‘hip’ (he said, like a true hipster).

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