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You have everything in place for your fire safety plans. Your fire doors are in good working order, flammable materials are out of reach, escape routes are clear, and you have a plan of action if a fire breaks out.  

But what happens if there are holes in the walls that you’re unaware of? When installing piping and wiring through the building, it can leave holes and gaps in the walls.


Each room has a limited amount of time before the fire will burst through to the next one. When a fire is contained, it gives you valuable time to escape.

When you drill holes through the building to run cables and those holes aren’t filled in, you severely compromise any fire safety plans in place. If a fire starts, it will spread through any gaps like wildfire, igniting anything flammable in its path. Your evacuation plans become more urgent, creating a heightened sense of panic when people are trying to escape.

So what can you do to help avoid the issues experienced by the hospital in Coventry?

Wireless solutions help to maintain the integrity of the building, making gaps and holes one less thing to worry about.

What are the benefits of a wireless product?

  • No need to drill holes in the building
  • No unsightly cables and wires
  • Cost effective as no lengthy installation costs
  • Convenient, as they are easy to install with minimal disturbance to the premises
  • Low maintenance
  • They carry on working even in a mains power outage
  • Wireless doesn’t affect the fire resistance of your building.

At Fireco, we believe in making compliance easy. Click here to find out more about our wireless solutions which are compliant, safe and convenient. No wires, no worries.


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