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The common door wedge is our enemy here at Fireco.

When fire doors are wedged open, they aren’t able to to do their job properly, and this puts people’s lives at risk.

Fire doors are provided, at considerable expense, to protect the safety of building occupants. In the event of a fire, they stop smoke spreading into corridors and stairs — provided they are shut. This ensures people have a protected route out of the building, and they protect the building and its contents against the spread of damage.

Why wedge?

Despite the dangers and risk of legal penalties for wedging open fire doors, people still do it. Closed doors are a nuisance. They get in the way if you’re trying to carry a tray of drinks or luggage. They hinder access if you’re using a wheelchair or walking stick or pushing a buggy. They can cause a room to be hot and stuffy by restricting the flow of air.

Fire doors are heavy. This means they can be difficult to open, particularly for frailer people, those with mobility issues, or young children at schools and nurseries.

However leaving fire doors wedged or propped open disregards the safety of others. It is also against the law. The only safe way for fire doors to be held open is with special devices, such as Dorgard, that close them automatically on the sound of the alarm.

Send us your wedge pictures!

We’re kickstarting our kick the wedge campaign! Send us your images of badly wedged or propped open fire doors. We’ll post your pictures on our website and on our Twitter page. Either tweet us your pictures @Fireco using #kickthewedge or email us contact@fireco.uk using the subject line ‘Kick the wedge’.

Below you’ll see a few shocking examples we’ve seen, or people have sent us. Fire doors should not be propped open with bricks, fire extinguishers, chairs, wedges or anything else just found lying around!

Support our campaign to remove the dangerous door wedge and keep people safe. Let’s kick the wedge for good!


do not wedge fire doors

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