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Fire safety in Education

Fireco in the education sector

Dorgard, Dorgard Pro and Freedor keep fire doors open legally and safely, closing them on the sound of the alarm. The benefits are:

  • Doors can be kept open, improving access during busy times
  • Compliance with fire regulations, fire doors will close if a fire alarm sounds
  • SmartSound technology means door units are not triggered by background noise including end of lesson bells — perfect in a loud school environment

Freedor takes the weight out of heavy fire doors, making them effortless to open. The benefits are:

  • No more struggling with heavy doors so children can move around more easily
  • Risk of injury from heavy doors closing too quickly is minimised

DMS alerts deaf and hard of hearing people via text message to their mobile phone when an alarm sounds The benefits are:

  • Compliance with regulations
  • Assurance for deaf and hard of hearing students that they will be alerted in an emergency and will have time to evacuate safely


Fireco products in education settings

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