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Fire safety in Healthcare

Fireco in the healthcare sector

Dorgard, Dorgard Pro and Freedor keep fire doors open legally and safely, closing them on the sound of the alarm. The benefits are:

  • Easier access for stretchers, wheelchairs and other equipment
  • In emergency situations, the obstruction of a closed heavy door is removed
  • Closed fire doors keep fire and smoke contained, so there’s more time for safe evacuation
  • Patients that are bedbound do not feel isolated behind a closed door
  • Compliance with fire regulations

Freedor takes the weight out of heavy fire doors, making them effortless to open. The benefits are:

  • No more struggling with heavy doors so frailer and less mobile patients can move around more easily
  • Risk of injury from heavy doors closing too quickly is minimised

Fireco products in healthcare settings

Silent evacuation of a care home

Evacuating a care home has its own unique challenges. Elderly residents could be bedbound, suffering from dementia, hard of hearing, or unable to move without assistance. Added to this is the distress that a loud fire alarm can cause to vulnerable residents.

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