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Fire safety in Healthcare

Fire safety and healthcare 

Fire safety is a high priority for those working in healthcare. Large numbers of people, many of whom are unable to move without assistance, need to be kept safe.

Requirements specific to healthcare

  • Easy access for stretchers, wheelchairs and other equipment
  • Frailer and less mobile patients need to be able to get around
  • Obstructions need to be minimised to assist speed in emergency situations
  • Isolation for patients in private rooms needs to be prevented
  • Evacuation may be slower due to patients’ needs so fire must be contained to avoid smoke inhalation

Fireco provides solutions

  • Solutions that keep fire doors open legally and safely, closing on the sound of the alarm
  • Solutions that take the weight out of fire doors


  • Easy compliance with fire regulations as doors do not need to be wedged open
  • Fire doors that can be kept open greatly improve access and help minimise isolation
  • Less weighty fire doors make it easier for patients and staff to move around


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