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There are about 30 million fire doors in the UK and three million more are fitted each year.

Fire doors stop fire and smoke from spreading through buildings, and they need to be closed to do this. Heavy and difficult to open, they can cause injuries, trap and isolate. So, there is a need for a solution to make fire doors easier and safer to open.

How much could your clients benefit from:

  • Fire door inspections so they comply with regulations?
  • Door retainers which keep fire doors out of the way?
  • Free swing door closers; no more heavy fire doors?

At Fireco, we can give you the tools and training to help you offer convenience, safety and peace of mind to your clients.

Come to one of our workshops. We will:

  • Cover how to check a fire door is compliant
  • Show you how to spot selling opportunities
  • Give you hands-on training on how to fit and commission
    Fireco products
  • Give you a Fireco demo case; when you see it, you’ll want one!

To sign up for a Fireco workshop, call us today on 01273 320650

What installers are saying…

“Great to meet the team” 

“Friendly with good practical involvement” 

“Good to actually work with the product”

“A pleasure to attend”

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