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Brexit and fire safety. What happens now?

Brexit will affect us all. It is a certainty that the way the UK operates will change. How much impact will that change have? The truth is we don’t know, no one has ever left the EU before.

Articles on change are dressed up using as many expert buzz words as they can muster, so I will be brief and to the point.

Fines will not be banished, enforcement will not be abandoned, people will still be prosecuted.

By the tenth anniversary of new, EU driven, fire safety law in the UK, we have seen enormous success. Fatalities and injuries are at an all time low, now that business owners have greater flexibility of how they apply fire safety regulations.

Before October 2006 there were 158 fire laws for you to comply with, this did nothing but create uncertainty and a begrudging acceptance of a nanny state. Now with one Order to comply with, we have clarity and consistency.

The Fire Service now has an easier way to prove wrongdoing, just ask New Look. One fire, no injuries yet a £536,000 fine. Years ago the Directors could have hidden behind a swarm of solicitors and claims of uncertainty.

The principle of compliance is straightforward: assess risk, reduce risk, record risk.

This won’t change.

The UK has been a driving force behind EU regulations and will not seek to undo them in this area. If anything, UK regulations may become stricter.

Our job as manufacturers is to bear the brunt of compliance, and that’s ok. We can cope with that and we’re proud to design the simplest solutions built with the most complex DNA.

Brexit is no excuse for delay. Instead, it’s a very good reason to act now to improve your fire safety. Do it the easy way and contact us.

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