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Doorsets made easy

Since Grenfell, compliance with fire safety procedures has been in the spotlight. It has become increasingly difficult to know whether what you are buying is really going to be safe and this has made buying doorsets even harder.

Specifying a doorset can be challenging and often filled with uncertainty. “Have I definitely added all the parts I need?” “How do I know that I’m buying compliant products?”. We have been working with our partners to create something that makes buying a doorset easy.

“Fire doors are a massive talking point in the industry and having compliant doorsets is something that comes up in a lot of client meetings. At Fireco our motto is ‘Compliance made easy’ which means the next logical step for us was to build an easy way of specifying a doorset.” 

Alex Babbage - Key Accounts Manager

We’re sure that you’ll find our new door selector simple and efficient to use. It helps you navigate through the buying journey and builds a virtual doorset so that you can visualise what you’re buying. 

Our new door selector uses a British Woodworking Federation (BWF) accredited door manufacturer, a range of CE marked hardware and where possible we use third-party accredited products.

Specification sheets and catalogues will no longer be needed. Doorsets made easy.

Build your doorset the easy way

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