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Evacuation Chairs

Ensure everyone in your building can evacuate safely in an emergency, especially where lifts and escalators will be out of order.

Fire door systems - InSite

Evac+Chair 300H MK5

This lightweight chair is the most popular choice for single-person operation.

Fire door systems - InSite

Evac+Chair 500H MK5

A more robust option that is suitable for weights of up to 227kg and allows for a second person to help with operation.

Fire door systems - InSite

Evac+Chair 900H Power

Powered by battery, this option reduces the need for manual handling and allows for upward use as well as down.

Why choose Evac+Chair?

Evac+Chair is the original manufacturer and global leader in emergency evacuation chairs for the mobility impaired. Independently tested and proven to be the safest and fastest means of evacuation, Evac+Chair is trusted and relied upon in emergency situations to assist in saving people’s lives.

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