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Germgard® LITE

Simple to sanitise to unlock solution

What is Germgard® LITE?

Germgard LITE is an access control system that enforces the use of hand sanitiser before gaining entry. Once a user has sanitised their hands with the Bluetooth unit, the door will unlock.


How does Germgard® LITE work?

Germgard LITE is a retrofit access control solution. For someone to gain entry, they must use the hand sanitiser to unlock the door.

By making the use of hand sanitiser a requirement, you are gaining more control over hygiene practices and reducing cross-contamination in your building.

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How can Germgard help you improve hygiene control?

Benefits of Germgard® LITE

Frequently asked questions

Can I install Germgard myself?

Germgard LITE must be installed by a Fireco engineer.

Does Germgard come with a warranty?

1 year.

How do I purchase Germgard?

You can purchase Germgard by calling Fireco on 01273 320650.

How is Germgard powered?

Single socket 240v AC.

Can Germgard be integrated with any other systems?

Yes – Optional (push button, break glass and mag lock provided).

What can I refill my sanitiser unit with?

We recommend using an instant foaming sanitiser (no specific brand required).

Where is Germgard suitable for?

Germgard LITE is ideal for canteens, meeting rooms, toilets and indoor sports halls, where you may want to make the use of hand sanitiser a requirement for entry.

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