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Germgard® System

Smart Sanitising System

What is Germgard® System?

Germgard is a smart sanitising system, designed to promote good hygiene practices to building users. Using digital signage, it alerts users to sanitise their hands before gaining entry. Germgard can be used as a stand-alone system or it can be integrated with electronic door locks, automatic doors, and access control systems.


How does Germgard® System work?

Germgard uses a Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensor which detects when a person is approaching the door. The connected screen will display a message to remind the building user to sanitise their hands.

When the user sanitises their hands, a customised message will appear and will allow entry.

Scenario 1: Access control

Germgard can be integrated with access control. When the user presents their access control fob and sanitises their hands the door will unlock

Scenario 2: Automatic doors
Germgard can be integrated with an automatic door system. When the user sanitises their hands the doors will automatically open

Scenario 3: CCTV
Germgard can be integrated with CCTV to activate PTZ presets, upscale recording, and create alarm notifications

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How can Germgard help you improve hygiene control?

Benefits of Germgard® System

Frequently asked questions

Can I install Germgard myself?

Germgard can be self-installed or installed by a Fireco engineer.

Does Germgard come with a warranty?

1 year.

How do I purchase Germgard?

You can purchase Germgard by calling us on 01273 320650 or via our online shop.

How is Germgard powered?

Double plug socket 240v AC.

Can Germgard be integrated with any other systems?

Yes. Germgard can be integrated with automatic doors, access control, electronic door locks and CCTV PTZ.

What can I refill my sanitiser unit with?

We recommend using an instant foaming sanitiser (no specific brand required).

Where is Germgard suitable for?

Germgard System is ideal for areas with restricted access e.g. laboratories, hospital wards, staff areas and stock rooms.

Can I customise the Germgard signage?

Yes. The Germgard signage can be customised to suit the needs of your business.

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