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Better promotion of COVID-secure safety measures and increased usage of hand sanitiser


Germgard Station

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Monmouthshire County Council (MCC) delivers all council services to its 91,000 residents. Monmouthshire is a rural county in South Wales surrounded by beautiful countryside and is known for its historical landmarks like Tintern Abbey.

COVID-secure measures not always noticed

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, businesses and workplaces have implemented COVID-secure measures in order to keep staff and visitors as safe as possible. Stephen Peppercorn, Facilities Officer at MCC, arranged the installation of hand sanitiser dispensers and posters in various locations around Usk County Hall and Magor Innovation House.

Stephen actioned all Government advice about preventing the spread of the virus, however, he felt that he needed to go one step further to ensure people were actually following the new measures. Stephen explained “Various hand sanitiser units had been installed throughout the buildings and in both reception areas with A5 printed signage above the units. Unfortunately, this did not draw attention to the units and had to be pointed out by staff for use.”

“The problems were across the board from Councillors, staff, visitors and contractors. The building is now attended less frequently by all of the above and the changing Covid restrictions, such as various signage, one way systems etc sometimes distract from the hand sanitisers locations.”

Germgard increases hand sanitiser usage

Stephen came to Fireco after previously installing some of Fireco’s other products. He chose the Germgard Station as it suited the needs of the business and was “functional and attention-grabbing” which is what he needed to make sure people were using the sanitisers.

Germgard Station is a portable stand that uses a sensor and digital signage to attract the attention of the passer-by and prompts them to use the hand sanitiser before they move through the building.

Stephen says “It has improved hand sanitisation and Covid safety because of increased use. It has also enhanced the Council’s reputation with the unit making a statement that we take Covid safety seriously and are encouraging all building attendees to undertake hand sanitisation.”

Germgard® Station

Germgard Station is a portable smart sanitising stand, designed to promote good hygiene practices to building users. Using a sensor and digital signage, it alerts users to sanitise their hands before entry.

The screen can be customised to support business’ sales promotions and welcome greetings. Access control integration is included and optional.

Having obvious and clear Covid-safe measures in place is an important way of making employees and visitors feel safe. Stephen has received great feedback about Germgard from users who say “The unit catches their eye, is easy to use and stands out upon entry to the building.”

Stephen goes on to say “Fireco is extremely helpful, communicative and timely. Overall a professional approach with a personal touch.”

Stephen Peppercorn, Facilities Officer


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