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Fire door inspection

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Prime Global provides medical communications services and support to clients. Jayne Hemington is the Office Manager at their premises.

Jayne was carrying out tasks in order to ensure their building was safe and compliant when she realised their fire doors had never been inspected. It’s advised by the Fire Door Inspection Scheme (FDIS) that fire doors should be inspected every 6 months. Jayne explained, “We have never had our doors inspected before so I looked to Fireco to advise us on what was required.”

Fireco recognised as a trusted company

After a thorough internet search of fire door inspectors operating in the area, Jayne decided to choose Fireco as she knew us to be a trusted company within the fire industry. “I recognised the name of Fireco as an established company, I was happy with the quote and the help they provided over the telephone.”

The Prime Global office had 11 fire doors inspected by Fireco FDIS-certified Engineers.

Fire door inspections

Fire doors will only protect your building if they’re compliant! It’s recommended that a fire door inspection is carried out every six months.

“Fireco were extremely helpful when calling to discuss our requirements and the Engineer who came to inspect our doors was very thorough and talked things through regarding fire safety requirements relating to our doors. I would definitely recommend their inspection service!”

Jayne Hemington, Office Manager

Prime Global

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