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Fire safety in Healthcare

How can we help the NHS with fire safety and germ control?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Fireco has helped a number of NHS sites with germ control. Whether you work in an NHS hospital, warehouse, or NHS trust, we’re here to make compliance easy. We can tailor systems to your building needs, with solutions that are suitable for every budget.

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  • Assist with germ control

Our hold-open devices allow you to keep fire doors open compliantly and close them automatically when the alarm sounds. Keeping fire doors open reduces the number of times people need to touch the door handles, which reduces cross-contamination and the spread of germs.

Our Smart Sanitising System gives you more control over the use of hand sanitiser in your building through digital signage and optional access control integration.

  • Comply with high risk areas

Our systems are compliant with HTM 05:02 and are suitable for Category A or areas that are considered high risk.

  • Improve access

Our products can improve access making it easier for staff, residents and goods to move through the building. Removing issues with heavy fire doors is empowering for people using the building who are disabled or have mobility issues.

  • Install with ease

Our products are easy to fit, with some of them taking only 5 minutes to install. This minimises disruption to staff and residents and allows you to carry on with the daily running of the building.

  • Maintain building integrity

Due to our products being wireless, there are minimal changes to the appearance and structure of the building.

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