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Compliance as a Service

Monthly service subscription to make fire safety systems budget-friendly.

What’s Compliance as a Service?

We understand that it can sometimes be difficult to get approval on larger payments and raise capital expenditure. Compliance as a Service is here to make our fire safety systems more accessible to businesses that experience budget restraints.

CaaS is a service through subscription, your company will receive the product range with added benefits including surveys, installation, maintenance, technical support and product replacement in the event of accidental damage. The subscription allows payment to fall into your business’ operational budget.

Compliance as a Service

“Finding even a relatively small amount of capital can be difficult in this current climate, many people I speak to on a daily basis find themselves with a requirement for our products but have their hands tied by being unable to pay for everything upfront. I’m really excited that we can offer CaaS as it gives people the ability to improve compliance in their building with more budget-friendly monthly payments.”

James Cox - Head of Sales UK

What’s included?

  • No upfront cost
  • Initial site survey and demonstration
  • Supply of up-to-date wireless door retaining devices, subject to survey
  • Device installation
  • One maintenance visit in the first 24 months, and once a year after that
  • Device component replacement as and when required
  • Device replacement upon accidental damage (subject to T&Cs)
  • Unlimited access to Fireco technical support during open hours
  • Dedicated Fireco point of contact for all compliance needs and advice

This is a 2-year minimum subscription. Once the 2-year term is over it will be a monthly rolling contract that can be cancelled at any time.

Mass notification & alert systems - DMS


Fire door hardware - Freedor SmartSound

Freedor SmartSound

Fire door hardware - Dorgard SmartSound

Dorgard SmartSound


Create a custom CaaS plan, with products that suit you.

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