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Software thingy car scandal

Around the globe the hard of thinking journalists are scrabbling for vocabulary.  What’s that? What happened? Who? What? …. type.

The current frenzy about cars artfully dodging emissions regulations is synthesized.  Made up. People in the industry (I bet) have been rolling their eyes and saying that they have known it for decades.

The buzz I have heard so far betrays the media. When the information channels hurriedly type “software is fitted to some cars”, I realise they have no concept of what has been going on. They think that an evil widget has been screwed into place in the dark part of the assembly line where nobody goes. That’s stupid.

I suspect that before too many moons are over, we will find that there has been a lazy and complicit tolerance between manufacturers, standards organisations and governments in order to make everything seem difficult unless you’re in.

That couldn’t happen in other industries. Could it?

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