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Over one million fire doors are being kept open safely using our products. With approximately 3 million fire doors being bought and installed every year in the UK, there are still a lot more to cover! We want to prevent people from wedging open fire doors, by making compliance easy.

Fireco has a professional range of products featuring Dorgard Pro and Freedor Pro. They are radio activated and controlled by the Transmitter. Because the Transmitter needs to be connected to a fire alarm panel through professional installation, we only supply it through installers.

Being a Fireco installer brings benefits:

  • Preferential pricing
  • Site visits from Fireco Engineers
  • Opportunity for new business
  • Online resources for social media and websites

Fireco products can help your customers:

  • Kick the wedge
  • Hold doors open safely and legally
  • Improve access and ventilation
  • Stay compliant

Come to one of our free workshops where you can become an Approved Fireco Installer. In our workshop we cover:

  • Hands-on training on how to fit and commission Fireco products
  • How to check a fire door is compliant
  • How to spot selling opportunities
  • How the products work

Fireco installers have access to our promote section. Share our case studies and videos, add a banner to your website or a signature to your email. Let your customers know that you can install Fireco products!

What installers are saying…

“Great to meet the team” 

“Friendly with good practical involvement” 

“Good to actually work with the product”

“A pleasure to attend”

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