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Fire Safety Products

Dorgard - Fire Door Retainer


A wire-free fire door retainer that automatically closes on the sound of an alarm, preventing the spread of fire.


Freedor - Wireless Free Swing Door Closer


Freedor is a free swing device which reacts to a fire alarm and automatically closes the door in an emergency.




Designed for the hard of hearing, a vibrating pad and flashing light wakes people up on the sound of an alarm.


Deaf Message Service


Deaf Message Service is a fire alarm system that alerts deaf people when the fire alarm sounds.


Fireco on Fire

The latest insights from the Fireco team

It’s What We Do – Why I Work For Fireco

  Let’s be totally honest for a moment; Very few of us grow up thinking “I would really, really love to sell fire safety equipment when I’m a grown up”. For me, I wanted to follow in my Dad’s footsteps and be a full time musician and you know what, I came pretty... read more

Why Choose Freedor?

Did you know there are three million new fire doors bought and installed every year in the UK? But wedging them open defeats the object of installing them in the first place. Wedging open fire doors: allows a fire to spread through the building at a rapid rate puts... read more


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