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Fireco makes practical solutions to
wedged open fire doors which help you with:

We help lots of sectors, including:

Dorgard - Fire Door Retainer


A wireless fire door retainer that automatically closes on the sound of an alarm, preventing the spread of fire.


Freedor - Wireless Free Swing Door Closer


Freedor is a free swing device which reacts to a fire alarm and automatically closes the door in an emergency.




Designed for the hard of hearing, a vibrating pad and flashing light wakes people up on the sound of an alarm.


Deaf Message Service


Deaf Message Service is a fire alarm system that alerts deaf people when the fire alarm sounds.


Fireco on Fire

The latest insights from the Fireco team

Cats and Cucumbers or Why We Don’t Buy

There are many videos on Youtube of cats; cute ones, stroppy ones, cats doing tricks and cats jumping out of boxes. One cat video that I found particularly fascinating was the cucumber trick. While the cat under test is chowing down on its dinner, our Youtuber puts a...

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Fire Door Pains

It’s indisputable, fire doors save lives in the event of a fire. They stop smoke and flames from spreading  so people can escape, protecting buildings and lives. Fortunately, fires don’t happen every day so fire doors are used as normal doors most of the time....

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Are There Holes in Your Fire Safety?

You have everything in place for your fire safety plans. Your fire doors are in good working order, flammable materials are out of reach, escape routes are clear, and you have a plan of action if a fire breaks out.   But what happens if there are holes in the walls...

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Fire Causes New Term Chaos

This week sees the beginning of a new year as students head back to school. But for one school, the start of their year is going to be very different. On the morning of Sunday 21st August, there were over 60 calls to 999 as fire broke out on the roof of the Selsey...

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