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Site Manager

Remote monitoring for all of your Fireco Pro devices

What is Site Manager?

Site Manager is a cloud-based software that allows you to remotely monitor your Pro Range installations. Manage your Pro devices in real-time from any location and gain control over compliance in your building.


How it works

Site Manager’s cloud-based software allows you to monitor device status remotely, giving you more control over the compliance in your building.

There is no software installation required, nor complicated network settings to manage, simply install the ProHub system controller and connect it to the internet.

ProHub will connect to the cloud and report system functionality straight through to your internet device.


Scenario 1: ProHub

ProHub is hard-wired to the fire panel which will ensure all Pro devices will close in the event of alarm activation. Site Manager software is accessible remotely on any device allowing you to monitor compliance in your building.

Scenario 2: Larger buildings

ProExtender is added to the Pro System to increase signal strength. This is suitable for larger buildings.

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Benefits of Site Manager

Frequently asked questions

How does Site Manager work?

Site Manager is cloud-based software that gathers information from ProHub and provides information on Pro Range device status.

Can I get Site Manager on any device?

You can use Site Manager on any device that has access to the internet.

How do I purchase Site Manager?

You must have a ProHub to access Site Manager. Site Manager is cloud-based and uses the ProHub to connect with your Pro door hardware. To enquire about using Site Manager for a new system or as an addition to your current installation please call us on 01273 320650

Do I need to install the Site Manager software?

There is no software installation required, nor complicated network settings to manage. For more information about using the software, give our team a call on 01273 320650.

For any questions or technical support & troubleshooting, please contact us.

Expand the system


Manages the wire-free connection of all devices in the Pro Range. Required for the Pro System.


Increases the range of the ProHubs dedicated wireless network, allowing you to connect pro hardware devices over a greater distance. Required for larger buildings.

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