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DorMag SmartSound

The most advanced listening fire door magnet

What is DorMag SmartSound?

DorMag SmartSound is a wireless fire door magnet that holds fire doors open legally, automatically releasing them to close when the fire alarm sounds. DorMag SmartSound is ideal for areas with uneven floors and environments that require a concealed hold-open solution.

DorMag SmartSound uses advanced sound recognition technology, which allows it to identify sounds more accurately.

Compact and discreet solution

Battery powered

Smooth and effortless operation

Fast installation with flexi fitting options

DorMag SmartSound is easy to install and operate. Simply mount the DorMag unit to the wall and attach the keeper plate to the door. DorMag is a battery powered device, allowing a quick and effortless installation with no hard wiring or long cables.

DorMag can be installed in multiple positions behind the door. Its compact design allows a discreet and retrofit solution.

Pete from Fireco introduces DorMag SmartSound and gives a quick overview

Benefits of DorMag SmartSound

Frequently asked questions

If you have any additional questions or need technical support & troubleshooting, please contact us. 

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