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Freedor SmartSound

Makes opening heavy fire doors effortless

What is Freedor SmartSound?

Freedor SmartSound is an overhead door closer which makes opening and closing a fire door effortless. A wireless device, it allows you to place your door open at a convenient angle and closes on the sound of the alarm.

As it is a free-swing closer, the door is easy to push open without the usual resistance presented by a door closer.

Hold fire doors open at a convenient angle

Wire-free technology – no costly hard wiring required

Makes opening heavy fire doors effortless

How does Freedor SmartSound work?

Freedor SmartSound is a unique wireless device installed at the top of a fire door that allows the door to swing freely and be left open at a convenient angle.

The SmartSound listening technology will identify the sound of the fire alarm and close the doors, preventing the spread of smoke and fire.

The free-swing mode removes all resistance from heavy fire doors making them easier to open.

Benefits of Freedor SmartSound

How Freedor SmartSound has helped

Read our case studies to find out how Freedor SmartSound has helped buildings stay safe and compliant.

Housing 21

Housing 21

Housing 21 empowers disabled residents with Freedor SmartSound

Royal Liverpool University Hospital

Royal Liverpool University Hospital

Life now "much easier" for hospital staff

Tai Tarian

Tai Tarian

Easy access in sheltered housing

Frequently asked questions

If you have any additional questions or need technical support & troubleshooting, please contact us.

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