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Fire door inspections made digital

What is DorTrak?

DorTrak, developed by Fireco, is the software designed to simplify fire door inspections for inspectors.

Carry out fully comprehensive fire door inspections and create instant viewable reports to leave with your customer while you are still on-site.

Bespoke floor mapping with personalised door naming references

Save time and money with efficient reporting

Give customers digital records for worry-free compliance


How it works

DorTrak allows you to conduct customisable and detailed door inspections right from your digital device.

Each door has a digital link to the DorTrak platform via DorTrak tags, which are attached to the door at the beginning of an inspection.

DorTrak’s easy-to-understand traffic light system makes it simple to see which door components have passed or failed. View data your way with in-depth or summary views, view (and zoom in on) photos within your reports, and add comments where you need.

Watch one of our inspectors inspect a door using the DorTrak app. Commentary by Alex Babbage, Senior Commercial Manager.

Benefits of DorTrak

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