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Fire Door Inspections

It’s important to get your fire doos checked regularly to ensure they’re compliant. Book your fire door inspection using our form below.

Are you confident that your fire doors are safe and compliant?

Fire doors play a key part in preventing the spread of smoke and fire. However, they can only do this if they’re in good condition.

There are many factors to be considered when checking the compliance of a fire door! Due to high usage, it’s important to get your fire doors checked and maintained regularly by a professional inspector. The British Woodworking Federation suggests doors should be checked every 6 months. Used alongside your regular Fire Risk Assessment it will give you a clearer understanding of your fire safety requirements.

As the products we manufacture are installed onto fire doors, we have introduced a nationwide fire door inspections service.

Who will be your inspector?

Our Fireco Engineers and fire door inspection partners all have recognised third-party accreditation.

What will be included in the service?

A fire door inspection involves checking every element of your doorset, from the door itself to the hardware. This is because every part of your fire door could have an impact on effectiveness and compliance. Just some of the elements we inspect are the gaps, smoke seals, hardware, glass, signs, overhead closers and hinges.

What happens after my inspection?

Once the inspection has been carried out, a report will be written up concluding whether or not your door is compliant. The areas identified as non-compliant can then be booked in for maintenance work or you may need to replace the whole set. If the doorset needs replacing you can use our supply and install service, if they need remedial works, we can suggest a local installer.

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