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We’ve opened the door to safer buildings

What is Dorgard?

Dorgard is a wireless fire door retainer that holds open fire doors, allowing them to automatically close on the sound of the fire alarm.

Installed onto the bottom of the fire door in under five minutes, Dorgard is listening for a continuous fire alarm of 14 seconds or more.

How does Dorgard work?

Dorgard enables you to legally and safely keep fire doors open. When the fire alarm sounds, Dorgard releases, enabling the fire door to close, preventing the spread of fire and smoke.

Installed onto the bottom of the fire door in under five minutes, Dorgard is listening for a continuous fire alarm of 14 seconds or more.

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Benefits of Dorgard

Frequently asked questions

How does Dorgard work?

Dorgard is battery powered. To hold open doors the plunger is depressed. It is acoustically activated, releasing the door to close when the fire alarm sounds.

Watch the Dorgard video here.

How is Dorgard fitted?

Dorgard is attached to the door with 4 screws.

Every Dorgard is supplied with a fitting template, containing instructions on how to fit it to the door.

Watch the Dorgard installation video here.

What doors can I fit Dorgard to?

Dorgard can be fitted to most internal doors, even glass, up to power size 7.

What colours is Dorgard available in?

Dorgard is available in black, white & red.

What testing has Dorgard undergone?

Dorgard is UKCA and CE marked and tested to all applicable British and European standards such as EN 1155. Dorgard’s classification is Normal (Category B) installations under BS 7273-4:2015+A1:2021.

You can view the Dorgard Declaration of Performance here.

Does Dorgard come with a warranty?

Dorgard has a 2 year warranty.

Can Dorgard be recycled and if so, how?

100% of Dorgard can be recycled. This can’t be done in your curbside bins. Please send in your unwanted units and we will ensure all parts are recycled correctly. When sending them in, you’ll need to cover the costs and ensure it is clear they’re for recycling.

Are the parts for this product sourced in the UK?

We try to source as much of our supplies as possible from the UK to reduce the carbon footprint of our products. Here is the part information for Dorgard as of 30/06/22

46 unique parts make a fully packed Dorgard.
37 are sourced in the UK. 9 from China.
80.4% sourced in the UK.

Can Dorgard be repaired rather than thrown away?

Yes, a 2-year warranty applies for repairs of products. Out-of-warranty products up to five years old can be sent back to us for repairs at a cost. Products after 5 years old can be sent back to us and you will receive a 10% loyalty discount to buy a replacement system.

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