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Fire Door Services

Are you confident your fire doors are compliant? 

Fire doors are a building’s first line of defence in the event of a fire, stopping the spread of fire and smoke around your property. But they can only do so if they are compliant.

It is advised by the BWF that fire doors should be checked and maintained regularly to ensure they are compliant.

Our nationwide fire door service offers you the highest level of compliance from quarterly and yearly fire door inspections to supply and installation. We can help you maintain your fire doors and give you a full picture of your building compliance with our digital reporting app DorTrak.

A fire door inspector measures the gap between a door and its frame

Fire door inspections

Ensure your fire doors are safe and compliant with our fire door inspection service.

Fire door installation

Request a personalised quote by specifying your needs in our quick and easy form. We’ll get back to you with a personalised quote.


DorTrak, developed by Fireco, is the software designed to simplify fire door inspections for inspectors. Carry out fully comprehensive fire door inspections and create instant viewable reports.

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