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FIREX 2017 was another great success for us. We enjoyed chatting to everyone, from regular customers to people who’d never heard of fire door retainers. All of our visitors gave us plenty of great feedback on our products, with Dorgard Pro proving particularly popular with installers as it is exclusive to them.

For those of you that weren’t able to make it, the products we had on display were Dorgard Pro, Dorgard SmartSound, Freedor and DMS.

Dorgard Pro is our installer-exclusive product. It holds fire doors open legally and safely, closing them automatically when an alarm is activated. Its separate transmitter can be connected to any alarm system, to allow installers and users to easily monitor all door units from one place.


Dorgard SmartSound™ is an acoustic-only product based on Dorgard Pro. It also keeps fire doors open, and closes them on the sound of the alarm. The door units are not triggered by loud noise, such as drills and vacuum cleaners, and Dorgard SmartSound has a three-year battery life and warranty. Dorgard SmartSound is currently in production and will be available to purchase soon.


Freedor is our free-swing door closer that takes the weight out of heavy doors. It is particularly useful in care home settings, or anywhere people with mobility issues may struggle to open heavy doors.


DMS or Deaf Message Service sends an emergency text message to users in the event of a fire. It connects an unlimited amount of users and can be easily installed using your existing alarm panel.


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