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Fireco can help with access


Closed fire doors can make access through a building difficult. This is a particular problem in schools, hospitals and care homes where heavy fire doors might be difficult for people to open, and where staff need easy access in an emergency. Heavy fire doors can also be an issue in hotels for guests with luggage and staff with trays.

Fireco offers solutions

  • Solutions to keep fire doors open legally and safely — no more illegal wedges
  • Solutions that take the weight out of fire doors


  • Full compliance with fire regulations
  • Easier access as doors can remain open
  • No more struggling with heavy fire doors

These products can help improve access

Tackling five common issues with fire door access

Closed fire doors save lives. They prevent fire spreading through a building, which gives people more time to evacuate. But closed fire doors also hugely hinder access throughout a building. What are five of the biggest concerns with closed fire doors? Heavy doors...

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Are Fire Doors and Access a Contradiction?

Make no mistake, fire doors save lives and property. Not just a regular door, fire doors are a building’s armour in a fire. They block fire and smoke from rapidly spreading so people can escape. But what about when there is no fire? When you’re working in a busy...

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The Problem with Fire Doors

Fire doors can isolate, crush and kill. That’s not how you would normally describe them, is it? Fire doors are designed to stop fire and smoke from spreading through buildings, and they need to be closed in order to do this. In practice, however, life is easier if a...

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