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Fire safety in Hospitality

Fire safety in the hospitality sector

Whether you work in a hotel, bed and breakfast, restaurant or other hospitality business, Fireco can help you with your fire safety needs.

Dorgard SmartSound, Dorgard, Dorgard Pro and Freedor keep fire doors open legally and safely, allowing them to automatically close on the sound of the alarm. The benefits are:

  • Easier access for guests with luggage or staff with trays and trolleys
  • Compliance with fire regulations
  • Improved ventilation, particularly useful in hot kitchens or busy function rooms

Deafgard alerts deaf and hard of hearing people in an emergency; it is placed under a pillow and vibrates if an alarm sounds. DMS alerts deaf and hard of hearing people via text message to their mobile phone when an alarm sounds. The benefits are:

  • Compliance with regulations
  • Assurance for deaf and hard of hearing guests that they will be alerted in an emergency and will have time to evacuate safely

Fireco products in hospitality settings

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