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Fire safety in Hospitality

Fire safety and hospitality

Hotels and restaurants have large numbers of customers, many of whom will be at the establishment for the first time. Fire safety procedures need to be clear, and fires need to be easily contained in high risk areas such as kitchens.

Requirements specific to hospitality

  • Kitchens are high risk so need to have strong measures in place to contain any fire
  • Ventilation is also important in kitchens
  • Deaf and hard of hearing guests need to be alerted in hotels in an emergency
  • Doors need to be easy to open for people with heavy luggage or staff with trays
  • Compliance is essential to keep guests safe and avoid fines

Fireco provides solutions

  • Solutions that keep fire doors open legally and safely which close when an alarm is activated
  • Solutions that take out the weight out of fire doors
  • Solutions that alert deaf and hard of hearing guests when an alarm is activated


  • Easy compliance with fire regulations as doors do not need to be wedged open
  • Fire doors that can be kept open greatly improve access and ventilation
  • Less weighty fire doors make it easier for guests with luggage or staff with trays
  • Fire doors automatically close in an emergency, preventing the spread of fire


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