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Fire safety in the workplace

Fire safety and workplaces

Employers have a duty of care to their employees so compliance with fire regulations is essential, as is creating a comfortable working environment.

Requirements specific to workplaces

  • Kitchens are high risk so need to have strong measures in place to contain any fire
  • Ventilation and fresh air are important for employees’ health and
  • Compliance is essential to keep employees safe and avoid fines

Fireco provides solutions

  • Solutions that keep fire doors open legally and safely so no need to wedge open
  • Solutions that keep doors open at any angle to improve ventilation and access


  • Easy compliance with fire regulations as doors do not need to be wedged open
  • Improved access and ventilation
  • Open doors make it easier for employees carrying hot drinks and food
  • Fire doors automatically close in an emergency, preventing the spread of fire


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