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Dorgard Pro: Homework Done

Twenty-four years ago, we at Fireco invented Dorgard, the very first hold-open fire door device to enable the doors to automatically close on the sound of the alarm.

Our chairman, Neil Purssey, walked past a dancing plastic flower which made him wonder whether a fire door could react to a fire alarm. The answer was a resounding yes.

In the last 24 years we’ve continued to innovate, listening to our customers and learning what they need and what works.

Dorgard Pro is our latest innovation. It is the culmination of our years of experience creating intelligent fire safety products.

The Dorgard Pro system features a transmitter that is directly connected to the fire alarm. This means Dorgard Pro does not react to the noise of the fire alarm, it is radio-activated. Dorgard Pro is ideal for noisy environments, such as schools, nightclubs or factories, or even anywhere people need to use a vacuum cleaner!

Dorgard was the first of its kind, and Dorgard Pro has been designed for our customers using our 24 years of experience. Dorgard has been copied, but as with any type of original versus imitator situation, no thought process is required to simply replicate something that already exists.

Every part of the Dorgard Pro has been thought through and developed using our experience of creating hold-open door devices for 24 years. That’s 24 years of talking to our customers and finding out what works for them, and what doesn’t.

Any imitation is, by nature, limited. Those that simply copy don’t need the expertise required to design the product in the first place. They have not had to listen to customers, go on site and speak to installers. They have not needed to try and test, and learn and understand what is needed and why. We design our products for our customers.

Our products work because we designed them that way.

You spoke, we listened.

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