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How fresh air creates happier classrooms

Did you know that children breathe more air than adults? That means they are more likely to be affected by any contaminants in the air. School pupils can feel tired and unwell if there isn’t enough fresh air coming into the classroom.

So what are some of the great reasons to allow fresh air into your school?

Removes pollutants
Pollutants build up in buildings with a lack of fresh air coming in. These can have a negative impact on the body including headaches, dizziness, fatigue and irritation. Letting in outside air prevents these pollutants and provides a fresh and comfortable setting.

Keeps you healthy and your mind sharp
Allowing in fresh air cleans the lungs and gets rid of impurities and allows more oxygen into the body. The brain uses 20% of the body’s oxygen supply – therefore keeping the air fresh is a sure way of keeping your pupils’ brains working at top capacity to help their learning.

Improves your mood and leaves you feeling energised
Oxygen releases the chemical serotonin, this encourages a sense of relaxation and happiness. Say hello to happier classrooms.

Fights off illness
Fresh air makes white blood cells stronger so you can kill off any bacteria and germs lurking about. A strong immune system means fewer pupils feeling under the weather.

Ultimately, a ventilated building will provide a better environment in which to learn and teach in. So keep your doors and windows open and allow the air to get in.

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