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The alarm for the deaf and hard of hearing

What is Deafgard?

Deafgard is a portable device which alerts people in an emergency. Designed for the deaf and hard of hearing, Deafgard has a vibration pad and flashing light which wakes people upon the sound of the alarm.

How it works

Deafgard continuously listens for the sound of a fire alarm.

Deafgard’s vibration pad is placed underneath a pillow or mattress. If the fire alarm sounds, the pad vibrates. Powerful lights on the Deafgard flash and the screen displays “FIRE”.

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When is a fire alarm not a fire alarm?

Benefits of Deafgard

Frequently asked questions

How does Deafgard work?

Deafgard continuously listens for the sound of a fire alarm. The vibrating pad is placed under the users pillow. When Deafgard hears the fire alarm, the pillow pad vibrates, the strobe lights flash and the display shows “FIRE”.

Does Deafgard require installation?

Deafgard does not require any installation. It is a moveable device which is easy to set up, and ready to use as soon as it’s turned on.

Will Deafgard respond to any fire alarm?

Deafgard is triggered by the fire alarm, which fire safety standards say should be 75dB at the bed head. If the alarm is too quiet, or there is background noise, Deafgard can be adjusted to increase sensitivity by up to 5dB.

What about wake-up calls for my deaf guests?

Deafgard has an integrated alarm clock so is able to wake the guest at the time of their choosing.

Is Deafgard compliant to standards?

Deafgard ensures you comply with elements of the Equality Act 2010, and is compliant with BS EN 61000, 6-2 and 6-3, 2007, and Construction Products Regulation EU No 305/2011

Does Deafgard have a warranty?

Deafgard has a 2 year warranty. 

How is Deafgard powered?

Deafgard is powered with 4 x C size alkaline batteries, supplied with the product.

How do I purchase Deafgard?

You can purchase Deafgard by contacting us by phone or by sending us an email.

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