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Water Mist Extinguishers

The multipurpose fire extinguisher

What are Water Mist Extinguishers?

New to Fireco, this revolutionary range of Jewel extinguishers uses de-ionized water with no additives whatsoever.

Ideal for internal use, especially where footfall is high, this multipurpose extinguisher is safe, clean and easy to use. Available in three different sizes to suit your needs.

Water Mist Extinguisher sizing difference

Use this table to find out which size and model is suitable for your building.

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Frequently asked questions

Why is Water Mist safe to use on electrical fires?

They use deionized water which contains no ions that can conduct electricity. In addition, the Water Mist is discharged in very tiny droplets so there is no straight line of water that can allow electricity to pass through it.

In a real fire, the tiny droplets turn to steam and do not form any kind of pool of water that might then come back to the user on the ground in a straight line.

Why is Water Mist safe to use on fat fires?

The Water Mist Extinguishers have been tested to put out fat fires. The flashback when the Water Mist first hits a fat fire is quickly controlled as the cooling effect of the water Mist reduces the temperature of the fire and turns it into steam.

It’s important to continue to discharge all of the content of the extinguisher after the fire has been extinguished and to turn off the fuel source in order to prevent re-ignition.

What sizes of Water Mist are available?

1.4, 3 and 6 Litres.

Can you put antifreeze in Water Mist Extinguishers?

The Water Mist Extinguishers have not been tested with antifreeze. The fire ratings achieved will most likely deteriorate with anti-freeze in the extinguisher.

We do not recommend using antifreeze in the extinguisher. You can protect the extinguishers from low temperatures by storing them in an extinguisher cabinet.

Why is the Class B symbol not shown on the front of the Water Mist Extinguishers?

EN-3 is an old standard and when it was written, Water Mist as a medium didn’t exist. It needs to be updated to reflect changes in extinguisher development. Class B relates to flammable liquids and the Water Mist Extinguishers weren’t designed to achieve high-class B ratings like AFFF Foams. So the Class B ratings fall short of the EN-3 standard and that’s why Jewel cannot show the symbol on the front.

However, put yourself in a real fire situation. The minimum Class B rating for a 6l extinguisher is 113B our water mist rating is 21B. No one would be expected to or should attempt to put out a fire with such a high B rating (75 litres of flammable liquid).

Most importantly, the Water Mist Extinguishers have been tested and do put out smaller Class B fires the size of which a member of the public may decide to use to protect their means of escape and property. Ask yourself if there really is a Class B risk inside your premises when you compare these extinguishers to AFFF Foam?

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