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Introducing DorMag SmartSound

The most advanced listening fire door magnet.

The Fireco range

Fireco's black Dorgard door retainer installed into the bottom right of a door, holding the door open. A sticker over the image says kick the wedge.
A white fire door with a Dorgard Pro fire door retainer at the bottom of it. A foot is pushing down the plunger of the Dorgard Pro.

Radio-activated devices

Person wearing a high visibility jacket holding a white iPad. The iPad features the Fireco Roll Call software

The latest from Fireco

DorMag fire door magnet holding open a fire door in a school corridor

New to the Fireco range: 100% wireless door magnet, DorMag SmartSound

A Fireco fire inspector checks a heavy fire door

Fire doors: Fully compliant, primary-tested doorsets installed by our network of professionals

A hand holding up the DorMag Pro unit to the camera. The background is an Engineers product testing room

DorTrak: The software designed to simplify fire door inspections for inspectors.

Insights from the Fireco team

What on Earth is SmartSound Technology?

What on Earth is SmartSound Technology?

Technological advancements continue to reshape many aspects of our lives, and one area where innovation is particularly crucial is in safety ...
A brief history of fire doors

A brief history of fire doors

As Fireco celebrates 30 years of fire safety excellence this year, we’ve been looking back over the decades. Join us as we take you on a quick ...
Q&A: Beyond the Building Safety Act with Chris Waterman

Q&A: Beyond the Building Safety Act with Chris Waterman

Chris is a public policy advisor specialising in education and building safety, who recently authored The Plain Guide to the Building Safety Act ...

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