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Fireco introduces Compliance as a Service

Fireco introduces Compliance as a Service

We are pleased to announce Compliance as a Service (CaaS). A new service option available for Digital Messaging Service and Dorgard SmartSound.

We understand that in some sectors such as education and care homes, it can be difficult to get approval on larger payments and raise capital expenditure. Although our products will improve the daily running of the business, they may not be considered as an ‘essential’. Compliance as a Service will make our fire safety systems more accessible to businesses that experience budget restraints.

CaaS is a service through subscription, your company will receive the product range with added benefits including surveys, installation, maintenance, technical support and product replacement in the event of accidental damage. The subscription allows payment to fall into your business’ operational budget.

“Finding even a relatively small amount of capital can be difficult in this current climate, many people I speak to on a daily basis find themselves with a requirement for our products but have their hands tied by being unable to pay for everything upfront. I’m really excited that we have launched CaaS as it gives people the ability to improve compliance in their building with more budget-friendly monthly payments.” 
Chris Russell- Education Sales Manager

If you would like more information about CaaS then please contact us on 01273 320650 or email us at contact@fireco.uk.

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Fireco celebrates their biggest ever monthly revenue

Fireco celebrates their biggest ever monthly revenue

We are very excited to announce that we have achieved our biggest month in revenue within the history of Fireco. This would not be possible without the dedication of our staff and the support from all our customers, so we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you.

“Wireless technology has become an increasingly popular choice within the enterprise, residential and services sectors, benefitting end-users, installers and specifiers. Fire & Security system manufacturers have also chosen to produce wireless products, saving their customers time and money whilst improving access, security and fire protection.” – Alex Babbage, Key Account Manager

“We have seen a huge rise in wireless products becoming the preferred method for fire and security, which has resulted in a very strong Quarter 4 and a record revenue month for November.” – James Wheeler, Chief Commercial Officer

Fireco manufactures door closers, door retainers, mass notification systems and disability aids, all of which encompass wireless technology.

Contact us to be part of our journey…

Installer? Learn about our Pro Gold Installer partnerships.

Manufacturer? Learn about FIMA – Fire Industry Manufacturer Alliance.

Some of our 2019 Highlights…

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Fireco gains test evidence with fire door manufacturers

Fireco gains test evidence with fire door manufacturers

We are pleased to announce that we have been working with fire door manufacturers in order to achieve Primary Test Certification on a range of Fireco products.

Fire safety has been at the forefront of discussion in social housing circles, with much of the focus being on the compartmentation of a building. 

Compartmentation is creating fire-safe compartments throughout a building that can prevent the spread of fire. This can be achieved through building materials, smoke and fire dampers, and fire doors.

The most common types of fire doors are FD30 or FD60, meaning the fire door can withhold fire for a minimum of 30 or 60 minutes. Since Grenfell, the compliance of fire doors has been under major scrutiny. The Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government makes the following points in Advice Note 16: 

“Landlords or building owners should reference the manufacturer’s test evidence/certification and documentation for existing or proposed fire doorsets.”

“Small differences in detail (such as glazing apertures, intumescent strips, door frames and ironmongery etc.) may significantly affect the rating.”

“Flat entrance fire doors should have test evidence demonstrating they meet the performance requirements in the Building Regulations guidance for fire resistance and smoke control from both sides.”

Primary test evidence is when a door and all its component parts (e.g. spyholes, letterboxes, overhead closers) are installed as a complete door set and put through EN1634 testing. For composite fire doors, testing is required on both sides of the doors as the materials vary throughout the core.

With the pressures that the fire industry is facing since the Grenfell tragedy, more and more housing groups are insisting on primary test evidence over global assessments for surface mounted closers on new door sets. 

We are seeing a significant increase in housing groups using our products to tackle the issue of residents damaging overhead door closers on flat entrance doors due to struggling with the weight.


Fireco is dedicated to meeting the needs of the customer and ensuring that our products meet fire safety regulations.

We currently hold EN1634 Certification on the following FD30 fire doors, with Freedor SmartSound and Freedor Pro being tested on the exposed and unexposed sides:  

Gerda – Contemporary Range, Steel insulated doorsets

Bridgman IBC – Timber Flax Core

If you have any questions about our burns test certification, please contact us on 01273 320650.

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The benefits of buying from a UK manufacturer

The benefits of buying from a UK manufacturer

Did you know that all Fireco products are designed, engineered, and manufactured within the same building based in the UK? It’s not often a company can say that their whole business operations run under one roof!

From the installer of the product to the end-user, there are many people that can benefit from using a company that manufactures in the UK. It can also benefit the UK as a whole.


Benefits to installers and customers:

  • Delivery

UK customers buying products from a UK business will benefit from a lower shipping rate, a quicker delivery time and will avoid import taxes, as opposed to ordering from outside the UK.

  • Efficient services

If you were to come across any problems with your products, needed technical assistance or wanted product maintenance, it is much easier to get in contact with the company and get the assistance you need. 

Benefits to the UK:

  • Sustainable

Ordering items that are made and transported in the UK will reduce carbon emissions. This is particularly valuable at the current time due to the potential climate emergency.

  • Employment

Running the whole business from the UK creates jobs and manufacturing as a whole employs around 2.7 million people in the UK alone¹.

  • Supporting the economy

Manufacturing exports bring in around £275 billion to the UK, it also brings in investment interest and employment opportunities, all of which contribute to the UK’s economy¹.


With Brexit around the corner, there is a lot of uncertainty around trading deals between the UK and other countries. Now is a better time than ever to commit to buying products made in the UK.

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Fire Door Safety Week 2019

Fire Door Safety Week 2019

We are pleased to announce our participation in the Fire Door Safety Week 2019 campaign.

Fire Door Safety Week has been running since 2013 with the aim of raising awareness on the important role of fire doors. The main message includes how fire doors will only be effective if installed correctly and maintained properly. 

FDSW is a campaign aimed at everyone, from the people who make the doors to the people who use them. Pretty much everyone in the UK will use a fire door at some point during their day, whether it’s at work, school or where they live. However, most people don’t realise that fire doors play a critical role in protecting people and property when a fire breaks out.

Every year there is an FDSW theme and this year the focus will be on sleeping accommodation. We are the most vulnerable when we are asleep and closed fire doors can be the difference between life and death. They can keep a fire in one area for up to 60 minutes, allowing the fire service to tackle the flames and evacuate the building. 

Follow us on Twitter @Fireco to keep up to date with the FDSW 2019 campaign. We will be sharing resources full of useful information that will help you to understand more about fire doors and general fire safety.

For more information about FDSW visit https://www.firedoorsafetyweek.co.uk/

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