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A streamlined evacuation for The Guildhall with DMS

The customer

The historic Guildhall is the administrative centre of the City of London and has around 2000 employees. Within its halls are the offices and meeting rooms of the Corporation of London and its Court of Common Council, responsible for governing the City and protecting its interests throughout the London metropolitan area. The Court of Common Council meets in the Great Hall, which originally dates back to the 15th century.


Business Premises

Customer requirements

A clear and effective means of managing evacuation procedures
Product provided
"Throughout the entire process, from installation to ongoing management of the systems and requiring additional information, Fireco and the DMS system have been second to none at helping us manage our staff with regard to alarms, evacuation and returning them safely to the Guildhall complex."
Paul Roberts
Health and Safety Manager of the City of London Corporation


A simple, streamlined approach to evacuation was needed

Clarity of message in a fire emergency was required, especially as employee numbers are high at the Guildhall. “Once you’ve done your roll call and 2000 members disperse, how do you get them to come back to the Guildhall when it is safe to do so?” asks Paul Roberts, Health and Safety Manager of the City of London Corporation.

There was also another issue. “The City of London has used DMS in its Victorian pipe subways/cable tunnels,” says Terence Short, Principal Fire Safety Advisor for the CoLC. “We have a fire detection system in there, but there was no way of releasing that signal to a control room to alert people to a fire unless they were in the pipe subway itself.”

the solution


Paul explains how DMS has helped. “By pressing a button on our fire alarm system using the technology from the DMS, we can send a text message to all our staff saying that Guildhall is safe, please return as soon as possible.”

“With the pipe subways,” continues Terence, “Fireco delivered a solution with DMS to send that signal to our Central Control Room which is manned 24 hours a day.”

Paul adds, “DMS has been instrumental in allowing us to communicate with up to 2000 staff members at any one time, and helping them move to their designated safe area as soon as possible.”

Find out more about DMS here

DMS (Digital Messaging Service) is a mass notification system that can send emergency text, email, WhatsApp, voice message or Fireco InSite App notifications to an unlimited amount of users who are subscribed to the service. This could be used for pre-alarm notifications and evacuation alerts.

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