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Dorgard. The original and the best

In 1994 our chairman Neil Purssey invented the first wireless hold-open device for fire doors. Dorgard reacted to the sound of a fire alarm to automatically allow the door to close. It did that then and it does that now.

Dorgard keeps fire doors open for convenience, and closes them in an emergency for safety. Fire doors need to be closed to prevent the spread of smoke and fire, so Dorgard keeps people protected, and businesses compliant with fire regulations.

Dorgard is simple, convenient and it works. Like all successful products, it has been copied many times over the years. Copies are never as good as the original. Those that merely copy don’t have the expertise to develop and improve upon their products as they didn’t have to come up with the idea in the first place. We discussed this very topic with Dorgard Pro.

Dorgard was our idea, and over the years we have continued to listen, learn and grow. We have used our extensive fire safety knowledge and experience to create new fire safety solutions. Freedor is a free swing door closer that holds fire doors open, but also takes the weight out of heavy doors. Dorgard Pro has a transmitter that can be connected to any fire alarm system so it can be radio-activated. Deafgard and DMS alert deaf and hard of hearing people when a fire alarm sounds.

Our latest innovation, Dorgard SmartSound, has the best listening technology on the market. It already knows the sound of your fire alarm so doesn’t need any programming, and it won’t be triggered by the sound of the vacuum cleaner.

We know about fire safety and we know about the technology that makes Dorgard work. Close to one million fire doors are already kept safe with our products and we’ll continue to innovate to make sure our products remain the best on the market.

Fireco. We make compliance easy

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