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Who are The Anchor Hanover Group?

The Anchor Hanover Group is a housing provider specialising in retirement and independent living.

Their estates are mixed tenure, meaning that some are rented and some are available as a leasehold. The housing is made up of flats where each resident has their own front door entrance and communal facilities available.


Restricted access

The minimum age requirement for occupancy at Hanover Lodge is 60 years old. Helen Parsons the Estate Manager noticed that with the age of residents, the heavy self-closing fire doors were becoming problematic. “With an ageing demographic, it transpired that some of the residents were finding it difficult to open and close these doors”.

This included doors to their own flats and the self-closing doors for the building entrance and the communal laundry room. Helen explained that “front doors were increasingly difficult for residents to manage due to debilitating health conditions” which led her to look for a solution.


Colleagues recommend Fireco

Helen found out about Fireco’s products through the previous Estate Managers and some of her Area Managers previously had some products installed with positive results.

Freedor SmartSound was the best-suited product for Hanover Lodge, “they take the weight out of the door and allow it to be moved as if it were almost weightless”. The residents benefitted from improved access as they no longer needed to battle with the heavy fire doors.

Freedor SmartSound also allows residents to place open doors at any angle. This gives residents more time to enter and exit without doors closing on them.

Freedor SmartSound

Freedor SmartSound is an overhead door closer which makes opening and closing a fire door effortless.

Freedor SmartSound is also available as part of our subscription service Compliance as a Service.

Fireco has been extremely helpful. We experienced a few technical difficulties with the initial units that I had installed but these were rectified immediately. I cannot fault their after-sales care both to myself and the installers that they trained.

I would not hesitate to reccomend Fireco or the product.

Helen Parsons

Estate Manager

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