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How Mainstay Trust improved access

The customer

Mainstay Trust Ltd is an organisation in Glasgow that helps people with physical and learning difficulties. The main focus of the service is to enable individuals to move into their own residential homes and enjoy a more independent lifestyle.



Customer requirements

Improve access and meet compliance regulations
Product provided
"Fireco provides a great service; there’s always a follow-up call to ask how we are doing and if there is a problem, Fireco solves it. I rate the products highly, they’re good quality and have never let me down. If anybody wanted a recommendation I would be first in line. You feel safe with Dorgard and Fireco."
Alistair Merry
Training Officer at Mainstay Trust


Residents struggle with heavy self-closing fire doors

The residents at Mainstay Trust were having problems with access due to heavy fire doors. To stay compliant with fire regulations and make sure everyone was safe in case of a fire, fire doors needed to be kept closed.

Alastair Merry, Training Officer at Mainstay Trust, needed a solution. He said, “Our residents were struggling to open the heavy fire doors. Keeping the doors closed all the time also meant that the building would get very hot in summer. We needed something that could hold doors open and still keep everyone safe in case of a fire.”

the solution

Empowering residents with Dorgard

Alastair looked for a product that would give the residents more freedom and independence while also ensuring the right fire safety precautions were in place.

He found Dorgard to be an ideal solution. Alastair said, “There are loads of advantages to this product. Dorgard ensures easy access and allows people to be independent, as they don’t have to call for help to open the doors.”

“Dorgard also really helps with ventilation as the open doors keep fresh air coming through, which is particularly beneficial in summer. It also acts as a security measure, because when the doors are open you can always see who’s coming into the building.”

Find out more about Dorgard here

Dorgard is a wireless fire door retainer that holds open fire doors, allowing them to automatically close on the sound of the fire alarm.

Dorgard can be fitted to any door and is wire-free.

the outcome

Keeping fire doors open safely and legally
  • Easy accessibility and more independence for residents
  • Improved ventilation
  • A trusted solution that works.

Mainstay Trust has found Dorgard to be a reliable and efficient product for over three years. It allows fire doors to be kept open safely, making access easier for residents and giving them the freedom to walk through the building without struggle.

Complying with the relevant British and European standards, Dorgard is an ideal solution to the common problem of wedged open fire doors.

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