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Freedor SmartSound

Who are Housing 21?

‘Housing 21 is a leading, not for profit provider of Retirement Housing and Extra Care for older people of modest means. We operate in nearly 200 local authority areas, managing around 20,000 Retirement and Extra Care Living properties and providing over 42,000 hours of social care each week.’ states the Housing 21 website.


Disabled residents struggle with self-closing doors

Nicola Conway, the Housing Manager at the Granville Court accommodation noticed that some of the doors around the building were being wedged open. She was aware that this caused fire safety issues so took immediate action. After investigation, she found out “this was because due to their disabilities, residents could not open the door when it was closed”.


Surveyor opts for Freedor SmartSound

Nicola contacted the Housing 21 Company Surveyor to see what they recommended. After assessing the situation, the Surveyor specified Freedor SmartSound. This was the best option for Granville Court because “it meets fire safety regulations and helps residents who have disabilities”.

Freedor SmartSound takes the weight out of the heavy fire doors and allows residents to place the door open at any angle. Being able to keep the door open empowered residents as it meant they could easily enter and exit rooms. 

If the fire alarm sounds, Freedor SmartSound releases the door to close, allowing it to prevent the spread of fire and smoke.

Freedor SmartSound

Freedor SmartSound is an overhead door closer which makes opening and closing a fire door effortless.

Freedor SmartSound is also available as part of our subscription service Compliance as a Service.

Positive experience with Fireco

Freedor SmartSound has now been installed on a few of the residents’ flat entrance doors as well as communal areas including the office, dining room, kitchen and staff room.

Nicola and the residents at Granville Court are pleased with how Freedor SmartSound has improved access throughout their building and there is no longer any need to wedge open doors.

Fireco has been “very efficient and responsive and staff were polite and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend them”.

Nicola Conway

Housing Manager

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