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Freedor improves access for City of London Corporation residents

The customer

The City of London Corporation is the municipal governing body of the City of London, the historic centre of London and the location of much of the United Kingdom’s financial sector. It has two housing estates in the Square Mile and also manages 10 other estates situated in six different London boroughs.


Housing Association

Customer requirements

Improve accessibility
Product provided
Freedor SmartSound
"Freedor has made a big difference. I find it much lighter and easier. It’s made a great difference in my life and I’m much happier"
Diane Romaine


Older residents struggling with heavy fire doors

“The doors were very heavy,” says Diane Romaine, a resident of the Avondale Square Estate. “They would not remain open unless you actually held them open, especially when people were going out with their laundry or coming back in with shopping, they found it extremely difficult. It was a task to keep the door open.”

the solution

Freedor SmartSound allows safe and easy access

“Every week we have a fire alarm test throughout the building,” continues Diane. “Now, with the Freedor, I can hear the click of my door, which means that if my door was open or unlocked in the event of a fire, it would automatically close. It makes me feel safer to know that in the event of an emergency such as a fire, the door has protected me.”

Roy Felix, another resident, has also been impressed with the improved access that Freedor has given him. “Since the Freedor’s been installed, I find it much easier to get in and out with my shopping basket because I can push the door back and it will stay there so I can get in okay and then it’ll shut behind me.”

Find out more about Freedor SmartSound here

Freedor SmartSound is an overhead door closer that makes opening and closing a fire door effortless. A wireless device, it allows you to place your door open in any position and closes on the sound of the alarm.

As it is a free-swing closer, the door is easy to push open without the usual resistance presented by a door closer.

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