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Property manager requires residents to update their front doors

The customer

Paul Harmes is a resident of a Victorian block of flats in Lewes, Sussex.



Customer requirements

Replace non-compliant front door.
Product provided
Fire Door Installation
"I’d recommend Fireco for their fire door service. Overall I’m very happy with my door and my expectations were met!"
Paul Harmes


Victorian building needed front doors updating

Paul Harmes, a resident at a Victorian block of flats in Lewes, Sussex, was informed by his Property Managing Agent that all of the front doors needed to be updated. They were deemed non-compliant in accordance with current fire safety legislation so that the building could pass its fire inspection.

“Property Maintenance advised that they were going to fit the doors and carry out other necessary work, but myself and another resident didn’t want to use the doors they were suggesting, so we sourced our own,” explains Paul.

the solution

A local business with a competitive offering

Paul carried out a Google search to find a local company to carry out the work. Fireco’s services came up and Paul, along with his neighbour, requested a quote.

They were happy with the price that was provided and found the selection of doors to choose from was excellent.

Find out more about Fire Door Installation here

Compliance is at the forefront of everything we do and we want to make it easy for our customers to buy from somewhere they trust. We’ve worked with Gerda, Bridgman IBC, Sentry Doors and Performance Doorset Solutions (PDS) to gain Primary Test evidence with our products so that we can offer fully certified third party accredited doorsets.

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