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Fire door replaced to meet council requirements

The customer

Nina is a visual artist who studied at the Royal College of Art. She has an MA in painting and creates colourful work inspired by the environment.



Customer requirements

Replace a non-compliant doorset
Service provided
Fire Door Installation
"A very professional service. Thanks to Fireco, I have a lovely and compliant new fire door. The Engineer did a great job and was quick, knowledgeable and efficient."
Nina Garstang
Visual Artist


Out of date front door needed replacing

Adur Homes, Nina’s Freeholder, told tenants that because of changes in legislation, their front doors were non-compliant and out of date. So a new fire doorset and installation service needed to be sourced.

The price that the council quoted was deemed too expensive so Adur Homes asked Nina to find a local provider who provided better value for money.

the solution

Fireco provides a professional solution at a competitive price

Nina looked around and found Fireco, who presented a more cost-effective service. “I’d heard of Fireco but I wasn’t aware that they provide fire door installations,” says Nina. “I was impressed with the price and very pleased to use a local company.”

How does Nina rate the service she’s received? “Absolutely excellent, I couldn’t fault it in any way. In my opinion, it looks far superior to a neighbouring fire door provided by another supplier. It’s really good quality and the finish is outstanding.”

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Compliance is at the forefront of everything we do and we want to make it easy for our customers to buy from somewhere they trust. We’ve worked with Gerda, Bridgman IBC, Sentry Doors and Performance Doorset Solutions (PDS) to gain Primary Test evidence with our products so that we can offer fully certified third-party accredited doorsets.

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