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DMS-The advantages of mass notification

As time goes on, more and more elements of everyday life depend on the use of technology and computers. There are always new forms of technology that help to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Could this include a new way to communicate in an emergency situation, that doesn’t solely depend on the sound of an alarm? 

Digital Messaging Service (DMS) could be considered to be the “modern alarm”. Connected to a pre-existing alarm panel, DMS sends out emergency text, email, Whatsapp or voice alerts to an unlimited amount of subscribers. The message can be tailored to whatever suits the business, for example, information about the type of emergency, where to evacuate from or if it is a false alarm. To connect your phone to the DMS you just have to text the unit with a location number. DMS comes with stickers that can be displayed throughout a building to raise awareness of the service.

There are many benefits of having a DMS:


DMS is compatible with a wide range of alarm systems, such as fire alarms, intruder alarm notifications, temperature control monitors and flood alerts. Essentially, if there is an electrical process that includes a set of contacts, the people who are subscribed can be notified about any event.

Peace of mind

As long as you have connected your phone to the DMS, no matter where you are in the world you will receive an emergency alert if your alarm goes off. This allows you to know if there is an emergency going on, even if you are not at the premises. This means you can investigate and rectify the problem as soon as it happens. This could be beneficial, for example, if you are self-employed and have business premises, or if you are a caretaker for a school. You will be instantly notified if there was a fire or even a break-in. Knowing that you will get alerted in an emergency situation offers peace of mind that your business or place of work is safe.

More control

DMS can be used as a pre-alarm notification. This means you will receive a notification of the emergency and can investigate before the alarms go off throughout the whole building. The time period can be adjusted depending on location and safety regulations. This is good for busy locations such as airports or hotels as it minimises the high cost of false alarms. It is also beneficial for care homes as it will reduce the stress and disruption to vulnerable residents. 


Approximately 1 in 7 people in the UK has a hearing problem*. Traditional fire alarms are not effective for people who are deaf and hard-of-hearing. However, if they are subscribed to DMS they will receive a message on their phone alerting them about the emergency situation. DMS is a way to ensure that every person can remain safe and alert in all situations. Having a DMS will help businesses comply with the Equality Act as it ensures that anyone can be included. This can be of high value to places such as a university.

If you would like more information about DMS, please send an email to contact@fireco.uk or call us on 01273 320650 to speak to a member of our team. We’re here to make compliance easy.

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