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Fire door inspection

More about The Guinness Partnership

The Guinness Partnership was founded in 1890 with the purpose of providing homes and a great service to their customers, this also includes care services. At the time of writing, they have over 140,000 customers country-wide.

Non-compliant fire door installation

The Guinness Partnership hired another company to come and fit fire doors in some of their properties. Unfortunately the contractor they hired fitted fire doors with lots of errors and they weren’t fit for purpose, they didn’t have overhead door closers and the surrounds weren’t fitted.

Laurence Hancock, Project Manager at The Guinness Partnership, needed to take action ASAP to find out what work was needed in order to make the fire doors safe and compliant and ensure he had sufficient evidence for a court hearing.

Easy experience and thorough report provided

Laurence carried out some research to find a company that would complete a door inspection and also provide thorough reports showing the findings.

Laurence explained “Fireco were one of the only companies that did this type of work and they came up high on the search. I called a few companies and they didn’t do the reporting that was needed which is why we went with Fireco’s services.”

Fire Door Inspections

Fire doors play a key part in preventing the spread of smoke and fire. However, they can only do this if they’re in good condition.

There are many factors to be considered when checking the compliance of a fire door! Due to high usage, it’s important to get your fire doors checked and maintained regularly by a professional inspector. The British Woodworking Federation suggests doors should be checked every 6 months. Used alongside your regular Fire Risk Assessment it will give you a clearer understanding of your fire safety requirements.

I’ve had a really good experience with Fireco, the Inspector turned up on time and was great with the occupants of the different flats that need the doors checking.

I’d definitely recommend Fireco. Everything was easy and I got everything I needed. We’re really grateful for the thorough report.

Laurence Hancock, Project Manager

The Guinness Partnership

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