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The customer

Jupiter Hotels Ltd is a leading UK hotel management company run by hospitality specialists. Its mission is to provide each guest with a comfortable stay in excellently-priced rooms. Jupiter currently operates 26 Mercure-branded hotels in the UK, as well as five Dragonfly Hotels and an independent hostel.



Customer requirements

Improve access and ventilation
Product provided
Freedor SmartSound
"I do a fire alarm test every Monday and they’re all working. They just do what they’re supposed to do — they keep the doors open and close when the alarm sounds. I recommend Fireco, and if I could find a better word than excellent I would use it! I usually speak to Account Manager Alex and he’s very good on the phone, helpful and provides a good service. The engineers are also more than helpful — 100% bang on!"
Kevin Plowright
Maintenance Manager


Poor access and ventilation

Kevin Plowright, Maintenance Manager at Jupiter Hotels, found that the large number of people walking through the hotel caused it to get quite hot and stuffy, especially as fire doors needed to be kept closed at all times. Kevin also found that closed fire doors hindered access, particularly for guests with luggage.

the solution

Open and airy environment

Kevin needed a product that could keep fire doors open to allow ease of access and improve ventilation, without compromising fire safety regulations. After seeing Freedor, he found it met the hotel’s requirements. Freedor is a wireless, overhead fire door closer that makes opening a heavy fire door effortless and closes doors automatically on the sound of the alarm.

“We had seen Freedor across hotels in the UK and we found it to be the most suitable product for our needs. Our bar-lounge is used to hold events such as weddings, and would often become quite hot with a large group of people inside. Being able to keep the doors open means better airflow into the room, helping with ventilation,” Kevin said.

  • Easier access throughout the building
  • More fresh air flowing into busy areas
  • Peace of mind as fire doors will close when the alarm sounds.

Kevin found Freedor to be an excellent device with many benefits: “We currently have Freedor installed on the double doors in the corridor, the main lobby door that goes into the main corridor and the bar-lounge. It has been great for our guests as it keeps fire doors open, allowing them to easily walk in and out without damaging the expensive fire doors.”

Find out more about Freedor SmartSound here

Since this case study, Freedor has been upgraded to Freedor SmartSound.

Freedor SmartSound is an overhead door closer which makes opening and closing a fire door effortless.

Freedor SmartSound is also available as part of our subscription service Compliance as a Service.

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