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Compliance for children’s homes with P.A. Fire Systems

The customer

PA Fire Systems Ltd are an independent, family-run fire alarm installation company based in West Sussex. The company has more than 40 years’ experience in the industry and offers a wide range of fire prevention and detection systems for a variety of premises. Their clients include schools, nursing homes and residential properties.

PA Fire Systems recently completed work on two children’s homes for Hillcrest Children’s Services, part of Outcomes First Group. Hillcrest Children’s Services is a national provider of specialist, therapeutic homes for children with a range of learning disabilities.


Installer, Private Sector

Customer requirements

Hold fire doors open safely and legally
Product provided
Dorgard Pro
"We’ve had great support from Fireco, particularly Chris Mitchell who carried out the site surveys and helped train the responsible persons in each of the homes. He was always available if we had any queries about any aspect of the installation. I would recommend Dorgard Pro. It’s a great product that ensures safety and compliance."
Mark Cook
Director at PA Fire Systems


Closed fire doors obstructing view

Staff at Hillcrest homes strive to provide a supportive environment where all children feel safe and cared for. The homes have an open environment so everyone can move around easily, with plenty of space to play.

Eddie Smith, PA Fire Systems Operations Manager, said: “It’s important that staff are able to observe the children at all times, they cannot be left unattended. Fire doors are required throughout the building but keeping them closed all the time was not an option.”

Wedging or propping fire doors is dangerous, so a different method of keeping the doors open was required.

Eddie said: “It was vital that we found a solution that complied with fire regulations, kept everyone safe, and still maintained the environment and atmosphere of the home.”

the solution

Creating an open environment

PA Fire Systems decided Dorgard Pro was the best solution for both homes. Dorgard Pro legally and safely holds doors open at any angle, and allows them to close when a fire alarm sounds. It features a separate transmitter, directly connected to the fire alarm system, which provides a central hub so all door units can be easily monitored from one place

“We chose Dorgard Pro as it is a straightforward system that ensures full compliance with regulations,” Eddie said. “It wasn’t complicated to install, it took around half a day in each home to install 10 door units, a transmitter and a repeater.”

Mark Cook, Director at PA Fire Systems, said: “The transmitter is very useful. The display shows immediately if there are any issues with the door units. If the batteries need to be replaced, for example, the transmitter will clearly show this, so it can be quickly rectified.”

Find out more about Dorgard Pro here

Dorgard Pro is a fire door retainer which holds open fire doors legally, allowing them to automatically close when an alarm is activated.

Dorgard Pro has a separate transmitter which can be directly connected to any fire alarm panel

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